4 things I’ve learned from Calcey Technologies

The name Calcey is a combination of California and Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) that was formed in 2002. I joined this wonderful Calcey family in 2015 April as a junior QA engineer as soon after graduating from SLIIT. So during this 6 years period, I learned a lot of things and had hands-on more than 15 successful projects. So I thought of listing down the top 4 things I’ve learned while working at Calcey.

There are some incredible people to learn from

One of the best things about Calcey is, you get to work with a lot of talented people. People at Calcey are helpful and willing to help their teammates. And also everyone comes with different technical competencies so you have a lot to learn from them. In addition to that, the R&D forum, Tech talks, amazing mentors play a huge role there.

A wide variety of technologies and practices

As I mentioned above, people at Calcey comes with miscellaneous technical competencies. As a QA engineer, I managed to have hands-on almost every technology that Calcey was engaged in. Web applications, Android iOS mobile applications, Machine learning, POS systems, Web and cloud services, and many more. Apart from that, Calcey maintains good industrial practices like Agile. In addition to that, we are maintaining another good practice regards to deadlines. It’s something more like a mantra we always whisper to ourselves: “We have to meet the deadline anyhow” and that shows the integrity of the company.

Events & fun activities make Calceyans more efficient and productive

Corporate events are all about having FUN, building great relationships, and saying a big fat “thank you” to your fellow teammates for their hard work. This helps vastly especially to the newbies and build up good relationships with other fellow Calceyans.

Peduru Party, Calcey 6s, Gaming week, Annual trip, Hallowing night, Poson Dansala, Year-end party are some of the events that keep Calceyans engaged. Apart from that during the free time, we are able to play PS4, Snooker, Carrom, Abseiling, and that helps vastly to be more efficient + productive with work.

Office culture plays a huge role in employees

When it comes to Calcey office culture, we have tremendous freedom to achieve our sprint goals. Making sure the CLIENT NEED IS MET is the top priority but we are always open to give suggestions on what to improve with regard to their requirements.

Apart from that bean bags, flexy hours, open office culture, gives us a free mindset so we can perform and focus on sprint goals really well. Yes, it helps vastly.

So today is my last day at Calcey and I’m grateful to work with such an amazing family. And thank you very much for every opportunity that the management has given me and I’m deeply honored to work with you all.

So I wish Calcey good luck to make more wonders ❤

You got my respect.

Lahiya (AKA Malaka)